Augmented Luthor-Proditor Hybrid Artiforms

Created in an alternative future by a joint black operation by Lex Luthor and Dr. Alexander Proditor, The ALPHA were created as a weapon to combat the increasing number of alien ‘supers’ that have been arriving on the planet, Superman deemed as their priority one target.

In the alternate future known as the Metropolis Dead Zone, The ALPHA were accidentally released when The Zeros stormed ProtoCorp HQ. Whose fault it was remains hazy, though from a flashback experience it seems to be have been a mistake by Brainchild.

The ALPHA are a genetic amalgamation of DNA from various sources. The creature Doomsday and Victoria Langley being the primary donors. However, they also have DNA from Hybrid and Solomon Grundy, the latter of which was provided to Proditor by the team.

Because of the Doomsday DNA, The ALPHA always return to life with an adaption that causes them to be immune to whatever killed them. Because of Victoria Langley’s DNA, they regenerate no matter the damage done to them and return from death in a short time. These two benefits make the ALPHA very deadly opponents, especially in swarms.

The ALPHA are a hive-mind and use Victoria Langley as their Matriarch, accepting orders from only her, though a fake queen can be setup to control them by producing similar brainwaves as Victoria Langley.

From ProtoCorp files, they come in three separate and distinct forms:

  • Small: Not that particularly deadly alone, but in swarms have been seen to be able to take down ‘supers’ much more powerful than themselves. Superman and Wonder Woman are examples.
  • Medium: Standing as tall as the average human, these are not likely to swarm and rarely seen more than one at a time. However, they can still very deadly. They can impale unsuspecting opponents on their bony legs as well as the bone plates that cover their bodies.
  • Large: While not having been seen yet by The Zeros, these ALPHA are rumored to stand as tall as two-story buildings. Not much else is know about them, other than they are very rare and it is unknown if their creation was only hypothetical.

Recently, they have been showing up in the proper reality as Proditor’s bio-weapon of choice, though a number have been ‘rehabilitated’ and act as pets and companions of Dr. Victoria Langley.


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