A major pharmaceutical company headquartered in Gotham City. The company had hit on hard times and was facing a slow death when suddenly they produced a windfall of patents. An investigation by the Zeroes revealed the source of these patents: Brilliance.

Dr. Victoria Langley had given the company the drug to use on members of its corporate outreach program (mostly young college and highschool students), who would then feverishly work to produce research for the beleaguered company. In return, Vicky would take the comatose, used up kids for her own scheme.

Kinetic Kid short-selled PharmaCare stock using Wayne Enterprises clout (which he had no official access to) and became a multi-millionare overnight when the full horror of the company’s deeds were revealed. Both Argus Blackwood and Charles Grey’s bid for Gotham Mayor were hurt by the scandal (both had substantial campaign contributions from PharmaCare), but the Zeroes had warned Janet West in time for her to distance herself from the company.

The company is currently in Chapter 11.


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