Dominator is the future version of Pastor Ted Haas. Events in the future cause the psyche of Pastor Ted Haas to fracture and release his repressed sexual desires for all the world to view. Taking to wearing a uniform similar to what would be called ‘gimp wear’, he is a creepy sight to behold. However, due to his unstable mind and older age, his combat skills and health have deteriorated. Because of that, he mostly prefers to stay behind the main group of the Deviants and link them all telepathically, which can be a traumatizing experience in and of itself.

He was last seen in the future in the Metropolis Dead Zone. He was beaten by a powered-up Pastor Ted Haas and was given a parting shot of age serum from Brain Child


His powers seem to be all psychic based. Mind control, Mind manipulation, Mind communication as well as Illusion manipulation. His full range of powers have yet to be seen.


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