A super villain from the future who seems to be based on present-day Edward Nigma’s persona of The Riddler. He was a member of the Deviants until captured by the Zeros. He worked happily with the Zeros for a while as the Deviants never really treated him very well or allowed him to play their reindeer games — or so it seemed. He revealed himself to be the mastermind of the Zero Crisis and ‘Dark King’ of the Deviants. Devoured by the Mister Mind creature during the resulting reboot of time, he was erased from the timestream seemingly forever.

Brain Child once sliced off his skull to look at his brain.

Later, it appeared that Conundrum had survived somehow and became a Negative. Using a literally mind-warping unsolvable puzzle, he almost succeeded in destroying the fabric of reality itself before being foiled by the Zeros. Currently still at large somewhere in the multiverse.

His Tarot card is The World.


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