Alexander Proditor


Formerly the research assistant of Dr. Victoria Langley, Dr. Alexander Proditor really wasn’t much of a scientist. He was practical and efficent, but simply did not possess the love of knowledge or discovery that one needs to be successful in science. He does, however, love money and power and is utterly ruthless in his persuit of both. One night, he trapped Dr. Langley in her lab as he stole her research and set explosives, presumably killing her.

Using her research, Dr. Proditor founded a new company, ProtoCorp, which quickly grew into an up-and-coming worldwide corporation. Since then, he has created his own superhero team along with armored combatants and has shady dealings with Lex Luthor.

On a trip to two years in the future, The Zeros discovered that Dr. Proditor is working on creating an incredible bioweapon in conjunction with LexCorp known as the The ALPHA Project. If he is not stopped, it seems likely that Metropolis will be destroyed by these things.

Recently, The Zeros confronted Proditor on a live broadcast about his use of ALPHAs as potential war crimes. The resulting chaos caused his stock prices to plummet and The Kinetic Kid to engineer a hostile corporate takeover.

Alexander Proditor

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