Adaptic is Brain Child from sometime in the future. Her mind has deteriorated to a great extent so she is even more manic and erratic than her current incarnation. A member of the Deviants, she goes about her assignments with a sort of whimsical, vicious fury.

Recently, she was spotted at Oolong Island as part of the enclave of mad scientists there. She had a private laboratory on Level 4 (the highest security clearances were for Level 5) where she was conducting research into cellular regeneration and aging — much like she did before she became Brainchild.

It is quite possible that the work she did at Oolong Island was directly responsible for the ALPHA Project that will destroy Metropolis if not stopped.


Adaptic seems to have taken a penchant to directly altering her own body to provide the tools she needs. While she still wears the Brainchild Suit, most of her other tools are contained in genetically engineered organs inside her body. A notable exception are the Injector Claws she wears. An offshoot of Brainchild’s Injector Gun, the Claws are effectively the same thing, but provide a more up-close-and-personal savaging experience. They are also very intimidating.


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