Issue 5: Battle for Metropoboken

The Zeroes join with the remainder of the super-hero community, who haven’t gone out to space to battle the looming threat there, to protect Metropolis from the invasion of the united villains.

Tasked by Dr. Alexander Proditor, who was holding Christine Whaller for her own “safety”, to acquire a DNA of Solomon Grundy, the party, somehow, manages to both hold-off Solomon Grundy and acquire the sample.

With sample safely transmitted to ProtoCorp HQ, Dr. Proditor and his newly formed team of supers, called ProtoForce, arrived to help the heroes turn the title of the battle. Included in this team were The Kinetic Kid‘s mentor Captain Kinetic as well as Tom Albertson’s, one Albert Thompson.

While the stealthier members of the group sneak into the ProtoCorp aircruiser to gather information, Teen Lantern and The Kinetic Kid continue to take the fight to the villains, impressively taking out Aquaman rival, Black Manta.

With ProtoCorp main building plans acquired and the battle ending with a “victory” for the heroes, the Zeroes quickly leave the scene to patch themselves up. However, there is no rest for the wicked, as Waverider appears in front of them, tells them that they are needed for a crisis in time, and teleports them away.


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