Issue 4: Chemotherapy

Opal City Destroyed

The team’s handler, Harvey Dent gets wind of a person of mass destruction being aimed at Gotham. The team races to Keystone City and discovers a suspicious terminal. The newly joined Pastor Ted Haas manages to break through Dr. Psycho’s mental interference and lead the team through the psychic static. The team attacks the hanger; but they are tricked into deal with two planes that don’t have the dastardly Chemo aboard. They race aboard another plane and give chase, but quickly discover Sinestro and Dr. Psycho are with Chemo. Desperate, they make a huge display of power to attract the attention of OMACs. The Kinetic Kid rams their plane into the other plane, just above Opal City. Teen Lantern takes the team aboard the plane. Sinestro quickly causes problems, but not before Pastor Ted Haas persuades Chemo that something is wrong. Chemo makes his jump, aimed at Gotham, too early!

He lands in a massive explosion and destroys Opal City.

Mission Success?


TheMainEvent si0nex

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