Issue 32: Zero Balance II
Destiny's Child

The Zeroes discover that Tabula Raza is a unethical social experiment. A clone child of Victoria Langley & Doctor Alexander Proditor monitors eight cloned children based on Batman, his greatest allies, and greatest villains, to determine nature v. nurture. 8 of these projects exist, each one separate and unaware of the other…

This is information all is analyzed by the mysterious Willmacht.

Sylvia Savage is apparently the first of his experiments in nature v. nurture, and is sometimes called Destiny’s Child.

Issue 31: Zero Balance I
The Spirals!
Issue 30: Citzen Zero V
A Drastic Plan Revealed
Issue 29: Citzen Zero IV
A Vlatavian Film: What lies beneath the apples?
Issue 27: Citzen Zero II
Another Dick in the Wall(er).
Issue 26: Citzen Zero I
Agent Zero and his BOIIS
Issue 25a: Zeros, Titans, and Clones! Oh My!
Are they making a Haas Bot!?
Issue 25: Plus-Minus Zero
The Future is Now. (Super Sonic Sasquatch!)

After trapping the Zeros in an alternative dream realm, Conundrum turns Teen Lantern to his cause, giving birth to the first deviant, Terrorlax. After a fierce battle, Condundrum and Terrorlax are stopped from opening a direct portal to a place called Zero Point, the exact center point of all convergent realities, though they do use a portal to escape capture. An independent sentient Violet is created in the aftermath of the birth of Terrorlax and joins the team as they are likely to run into Teen Lantern again.

Issue 24: Less Than Zero III
Nihil awakes.

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