The Zeros

The Story:

Once they were nothing. Z-List heroes, at best. Formed on the eve of a great crisis, The Zeros protected Gotham City, the time-stream, and reality itself.

Now, they perform the deeds that must be done, that no other hero are wont to touch. Deeds that would dirty the hands of greater heroes. Deeds that garner no recognition or praise, and others that bring only scorn. That’s fine though, for they are Zeros.


Hero to Zero
Issues: 1, 3-5

The story of The Zeros begins here. Heroes of low profile are gathered to make a difference in Gotham City. Can these young heirs to the title of ‘superhero’ hold on long enough to endure the challenges ahead?

Zero Crisis
Issues: 2, 6-9

After handling the final events of Infinite Crisis that nearly overwhelmed Metropolis, The Zeros retreat to Metropoboken to take a breather, but are granted none when Waverider shows up whisking them away into the Sea of Time. What could the last of the Linear Men want with them, and what does it have to do with their future selves?

Zero Sum Game
Issues: 10-14

In the aftermath of Zero Crisis, Brainchild mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, someone bearing her name and likeness begins a scheme to alter the 52 to her own whims. Can The Zeroes recover their wits in time to save the multiverse once again?

Zero Directive
Issues: 15

With Dr. Victoria Langley safely incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, The Zeros return to the task of overseeing Gotham City while the Batman is away. However, powers unbeknownst to them begin to stir inside a secret black-operation organization and they have taken an interest in Hybrid.

Zero Force
Issues: 16-17

Dr. Alexander Proditor finally makes a strike against The Zeros, as another team of alternate Zeros appear. With the 52 and time in danger once again, Can they handle this much larger threat while the allies around them begin to be corrupted by an unknown dark force?

Zero Tarot
Issues: 18-21

Big shakeups to the status quo as The Zeros go international. As events occur that shake the trust that they have in each other a new mysterious member joins the team. Are they in over their heads as they try to deal with this great change while a grand conspiracy for the future tries to engulf them?

Less than Zero
Issues: 22-24

When Tom Albertson goes missing after Christine Whaller‘s death, gruesome ritualistic murders begin to befall Gotham City. Can The Zeros trust each other enough to solve these crimes before it’s too late and can they withstand the coming of Nihil?

Plus-Minus Zero
Issues: 25

As The Zeros adjust to the changes caused by the temporal aftermath of ‘Less Than Zero’, an old villain rears his head. Can they deal with him and the catastrophe that he brings with him? What changes will befall the team in this double-sized special? Comes in six variant chrome-foil covers!

Citizen Zero
Issues: 26-30

When an unexpected meteor shower encompasses the planet, something strange from the sky hits the slums of Gotham City. What emerges from it could change the Zeros, and the world, forever.

Zero Balance
Issues: 31-33

After emerging from the crisis spinning out of Citizen Zero, The Zeroes find themselves conscripted by their CEO and nominal leader, The Kinetic Kid, to investigate some strange accounting practices lingering from the days before he took over ProtoCorp. What they find will challenge them in ways they never imagined and threaten to destroy everything that Zeroes have fought for.

Zero-Day Exploit
Issues: 34-38

December. Nearly a year has past since the formation of The Zeros. A lot has happened in that year. However, Gotham City’s Zeros-Appreciation Day, a day honoring the Zeros, is on the horizon. Of course, in a city not known for it’s celebration, something will go terribly wrong which will put the Zeros in trouble on a scale they haven’t quite faced before.

What will happen when the Bat returns to Gotham City? What will this mean for the Zeros, Gotham City, and even the entire United States, as pieces placed long ago begin to move outside of the Zeros’ control?

Earth Zero
Issues: 1

A day in the life of the mundanes of Earth Zero.

Zero Arc Title Suggestions

Zero (In/Out)
Absolute Zero
Zero Conditional
Zero Article ( Newspaper-based arc? )
Ground Zero
Zero Tolerance
T-Minus Zero ( Space arc! )
Digit Zero
Zero-Point Gravity
Zero Wing
Time Zero
Year Zero


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