Brain Child


A geneticist working for Nucleotide Dynamics Inc, Dr. Victoria Langley was once at the forefront of genetic research. Specializing in anti-adaptic (anti-aging) drugs, Dr. Langley was a highly respected and prolific researcher. A clear genius, Dr. Langley’s world came crashing down around her when her trusted lab assistant, one Doctor Proditor, stole her research and rigged her lab to explode.

Surprisingly, she didn’t die from the lab “accident”, but instead was regressed in age (biologically speaking) to around fourteen years. In addition, she discovered that she was effectively immortal. Without their head researcher and primary research facilities destroyed, Nucleotide Dynamics was forced into bankrupcy. With her previous life effectively ended (both legally and metaphorically), Dr. Langley resolved to take on a new role: that of a superhero! One day, she may even bring Mr. Proditor to justice… and until then, she can have fun with the capes and cowls band! To that end, she chose a new monkier for herself: Brainchild.

The mental and physical stresses and changes imposed by the betrayal and subsequent explosion cracked her mind and the now-young Dr. Langley is insane, probably incurably so. Her mind is fractured like a spider-webbed mirror, the mental mosaic making her behavior erratic and unpredictable and composed of almost constant mania. At times she may show remnants of the careful and brilliant researcher she once was, at others she could be childish and petulant, and still others she may be imperious and reckless; she is nearly always upbeat and cheerful, though, regardless of circumstance. It takes quite a lot to beat her mania down.


  • Agility: 3
  • Awareness: 4
  • Dexterity: 3
  • Fighting: 0
  • Presence: 4
  • Intellect: 8
  • Stamina: 2
  • Strength: 0


Aging Benefits

  • Heightened Metabolism (Regeneration 10)
  • Age Restoration (Immortality 10)


  • Inventor
  • Skill Mastery (Technology)
  • Improvised Tools


Enemy – Alexander Proditor

Vicky is still, understandably, a more than a little sore over what Mr. Proditor did to her. Granted, it did give her a new lease on life, but it also screwed over her old one. As a result, she is even less rational than normal when it comes to her former lab assistant. There’s a fine line between justice and revenge and it’s not exactly clear on which side of that line Brainchild would fall if she faced Alexander Proditor again. Similiarly, if Mr. Proditor knew that Dr. Langley survived the explosion, he would very much like to tie up that loose end, permenantly.

Erratic Personality

Vicky is insane. There really is no other way to put it; she’s unbalanced, nuts, a wacko. Even worse, she is probably incurably so and her fractured psyche is only likely to get moreso as time goes on. This has the effect of making her extremely chaotic and unpredicable in behavior, bouncing between manias. She is alternatively impulsive or thoughtful and her thought processes simply don’t work like a normal human being, even a young one. Sometimes the madness is so deep that even communicating with others is difficult.


Dr. Victoria Langley is dead, officially. “Vicky” has no official documentation or presence in the system. Though Vicky can get equipment and funds she needs through the magic of the Interwebs, face-to-face meetings or dealing with legit makers who demand legal signatures, or even getting credit is completely out of the question for her. While she does maintain a “secret identity” as a precocious teen, all it would take would be for a well-meaning, concerned citizen to call the Office of Child Welfare on this strange little girl who never seems to have her parents around and a preliminary investigation would reveal no record of the kid; that could lead to her being hunted as a runaway or raise other red flags. Being Zeroed in the System is a timebomb waiting to explode.


Injection Gun (Rank 8, DC 18)


Chemical, hypodermic needles, puncture.


  • Affliction (1 point/rank) 8
  • Cumulative (Fatigue/Exhaused/Unaware; 1 pnt/rnk) 8
  • Increased Range (Close → Ranged; 1 pnt/rnk) 8
  • Incurable (1 point) 1
  • Easily Removable (-2 pnts/5 PowerPoints total) 25 / 5 = 5 × 2 = -10
  • TOTAL COST: 15

Physical Description

The injection gun is quite an intimidating monstrosity under normal circumstances and positively terrifying if one happens to be afraid of needles. A multibarreled gun made of brushed aluminium about 60 centimeters in length, the contraption uses CO2 cannisters to launch high-velocity hypodermic needles – similiar to tranqualizer darts used on large animals – towards an enemy. The needle’s own velocity pumps the payload (typically Agatin, Brainchild’s specialist aging serum, though other injectable payloads are possible) into the vict— er, subject’s body. The needles themselves are made of advanced fullerine carbon, making them incredibly strong and break-resistant.

Utility Backpack/School Satchel (Array)


Super Slippery Slime (Rank 2, DC 12)

  • Alternate Resistance (Dodge; 0 pnts)
  • Environment (Impede Movement; 1 pnt/rnk) 2
  • Affliction (Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated; 1 pnt/rnk) 2
  • Area (Burst, 1 pnt) 1
  • TOTAL: 5


The Super Slippery Slime does exactly what it says on the tin: it makes a 30 foot square area extrodinarily slippery. The light-grey gooey gunk requires anyone moving through or caught within the radius of it to slow down to half speed and make a Dodge check at DC 12 or end up Impaired, Disabled, or Incapacitated (depending on how many degrees they’ve failed by).

Multi-tool (equipment)


A typical multi-tool, the type found in any reasonable survival store. Contains knife, a range of screwdrivers (hexagonical, phillips, and regular), LED light, tweezers, pick, saw, magnet, etc. Never leave home without one!

  • Removable (-1 pnts/5 PowerPoints Total) 6 / 5 = 1.2 = -1

Physical Description

Depending on whether Vicky is in costume or not, this utility backpack takes the form of either a small school satchel made of patent brown leather or a black flexible pouch slung over her back and made of the same strange material as her costume.

Brainchild Costume


  • Protection (1 pnt/rank) 3
  • Senses
    * Communication Link 1
    Acute (Vision) 1
  • Removable (-1 pnts/5 PP Total) 5 / 5 = 1 = -1
  • TOTAL Cost: 4

Physical Description

The Brainchild costume is actually a living organism, genetically engineered by Dr. Langley herself. Grown in a vat wherein the user submeges themselves for a few minutes to allow the suit to grow around and attach to them, the suit is a black, iridescant form-fitting number with swirling patterns constantly shifting on the surface, appearing quite similar to oil floating on water. The suit hooks into her own nervous system via the nerves on the skin, providing the wearer with no loss of tactile sensation despite the somewhat thick hide. That same hide provides equivelent protection to wearing chain mail, but is much less bulky and heavy. Large rounded green goggles – also linked to the suit – provide a HUD and additional information giving the user Acute vision. Electricial generation cells and artificial neurons allow the suit limited radio transmission via a communications link.

Brain Child

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